Day: November 29, 2018

Release Planned

I know there has been a huge delay in getting the update for Into the Fires ready and getting the Into the Fires Stratics project going which will be directly linked to Into the Fires when it is released. I am going to be as open as I can about this. I admit I have been a bit lazy on getting this update out there. To put it bluntly might disappoint you all but I owe you all an apology and most of all I owe Elfin the biggest apology. If I focused I could have pushed this out long time ago. I keep letting little stuff interfere with that and there isn’t much excuse I can give. I’ll own up to that.

I could blame it on my depression and all the events going on my life and I have blamed it on that. But you know, you can only put so much weight on something until it breaks. To that, I felt like I broke a lot. Broke the trust people have in me to work on this.

With all this said, I do plan on getting Into the Fires and it’s sister project online soon. It wont be packed with loads of features and such. But we will continue on from there. I lost my path, and I hope you all can forgive me on that. It’s been a huge struggle to stay motivated with all the negativity in my life right now. But I ain’t putting the blame on that anymore. The blame is on myself.